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Split a Whole Cow Between Your Friends and Family (aka your “Beef Buddies”)


  • Your cow is split up into 8 Boxes (or “Shares”) of 60lbs each.
  • Each of your Beef Buddies can reserve as many shares of your cow as they want.
  • Everyone gets the Discounted Whole Beef Price of $12.49/lb (Originally $13.67/lb)
  • Over $60 SAVINGS PER BOX!
  • You’ll earn 10lbs of Free Beef for every cow you and your beef buddies buy.
  • You get your own personalized dashboard to keep track of all your Beef Buddies' orders.
  • You and your Beef Buddies get our lowest price on beef, even if you order just 1/8 Beef.
  • You'll get one-on-one help with how to spread the word to all your Beef Buddies about this amazing deal.
  • You’ll get all the other rewards and giveaways specific to our Cow Share Club Members

How to get started

  • Sign up using the form on the right.
  • Share your unique affiliate link with your Beef Buddies via email, social media or text message.
  • Your Beef Buddies use that link to purchase their beef individually.
  • All their orders will be tracked on your dashboard.
  • We will send you the amount of free beef you've earned with your beef order this fall.


Split a Whole Cow with Your "Beef Buddies" and Earn Free Beef!

The easiest, most fun way to share bulk beef with your friends and family.